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Hoyt’s Truck Center + Savannah Transport, Hazmat Truck Driving Jobs

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hazmat truck driving jobs
When your career takes place on the road, so does a large portion of your life.  As a truck driver, your truck becomes your home away from home. Just as you would with a house, it is crucial to perform regular spot checks and have maintenance done on your truck to keep you safe and keep your semi on the road. 

Truck drivers can drive around 500 to 600 miles in a day, so they can expect their vehicles to face a lot more wear and tear than a standard car or truck. With so many moving parts and components, it can be challenging to keep track of a regular maintenance schedule and fit that in between trips from state to state. However, without regular maintenance, a truck’s life span can be significantly shortened and costly due to the many breakdowns. 

hazmat driver jobsHazmat Truck Driving Jobs and Business Efficiency

Here at Savannah Transport, we believe in efficiency. Our fleet consists of 27 trucks and 59 trailers where 80% of our equipment is less than six years old. Having new equipment in our fleet allows us to provide quality and safe vehicles to our drivers while maintaining them properly and prolonging the truck’s life. With minimal breakdowns, we can consistently arrive at our destinations safely and on time. 

hazmat driver jobs

Hoyt Moore

In his early days, Hoyt Moore, one of the owners at Savannah Transport, spent time driving over the road and understands how vital truck maintenance and repair can be. “You want to wake up having confidence in your truck every day. Not just to be safe, but to know the truck can get you to where you need to go. There is nothing more frustrating than being stranded, sometimes in freezing temperatures, waiting for help because the truck wasn’t taken care of.” said Hoyt. So, Moore took his passion for trucking and opened up a truck repair shop (Hoyt’s Truck Center)  located in the heart of the midwest, which was the beginning of a great partnership with Savannah Transport. 

Starting in 1993, Hoyt’s Truck Center has become an industry-leading truck and trailer repair shop in Northeast Kansas. With four locations, Hoyt’s can repair all diesel engines and trailers ranging from light to heavy-duty. The licensed, insured, and certified mechanics and friendly staff have a passion for quality work and will get you back on the road with ease. Along with a full-service gear shop and over $500,000 in on-site parts inventory, Hoyt’s Truck Center also has 24-hour roadside emergency service and mobile maintenance vehicles to help you out of unforeseen situations. 

Hazmat Trucking Jobs and Road Ready Equipment

As Savannah Transport grows and continues to add more vehicles to the fleet, none of our trucks or trailers hit the road before stopping in at Hoyt’s Truck Center. Part of their “Road Ready” checklist includes:

  • hazmat driver jobsInstalling GPS Nextraq system and all DOT Hazmat Signage
  • Checking Alignment 
  • Brake and Light Inspections, greasing when necessary
  • Toolbox installation 
  • Stocking of Fluids and Lubricants
    • Diesel Fuel Supplement
    • Antifreeze
    • Wind Shield Fluid
    • Chevron Delo Lubricants

Chris Nocktonick, the service manager at Hoyt’s Truck Center, is responsible for scheduling service to the Savannah Transport Vehicles. “Because all the trucks and trailers come here first, Savannah Transport rarely, if ever, has breakdowns. We want the same success for the Savannah drivers as they do for themselves, so it works out pretty well.” Chris and the service team at Hoyt’s also keep track of the maintenance schedule for the drivers. Anytime a vehicle is due for service, it’s just a quick call from the service team to schedule with the drivers the next time they come through town. 

The partnership between Savannah Transport and Hoyt’s Truck Center comes with many benefits, like having a trusted source to repair your trucks. However, the connection between the mechanics at Hoyt’s and the Savannah Transport drivers makes this relationship truly special. Both Hoyt’s Truck Center and Savannah Transport operate on family values. This attitude and culture carry over into the relationship between the drivers and the technicians. hazmat driver jobs