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With all the open roads and new places to see, life as an over the road truck driver can be a real adventure. So why not spend that adventure with your most trustworthy companion, your pets. According to CDL Career Now, about 40% of truck drivers bring their pets along for the ride. You will most of the time see cats and dogs, but as featured in CDL Life, you may see goats, pigs, rabbits, or even parrots riding with their owners! 

At Savannah Transport, we believe pets are a part of your family and are proud to call ourselves a pet friendly company. We allow all drivers to bring a pet on board with them without any deposits or restrictions. 

Benefits of Driving with a Pet


  • Companionship: The truck driving profession can be lonely at times. Bringing your pets along for the ride helps to combat the loneliness and isolation truck drivers often feel while also giving you a companion to experience life with. 
  • Health: Not only do pets provide great friendship, but they also contribute significantly to your mental and physical health! Studies have shown that pets, especially dogs and cats, can bring a calming presence helping to reduce stress and ease loneliness. Caring for your animal on the road can offer an excellent opportunity to stay active by taking breaks to go on walks or hikes. 
  • Social Interaction: People love pets! Traveling with your pet is a huge hit when making stops for fuel or repairs, as more people are likely to engage with you and your pet along the way. 
  • Responsibility: Pets can give you a sense of responsibility as we all want to give our pets the best life possible. You can do this by feeding them regularly and an appropriate amount relative to their size, keeping your truck clean and spending time with them each day. 

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Tips for safe travels with your pet


  • Lease or Harness: It is crucial to travel with a leash or harness to keep your pet close to you when making stops. Typically, there are many other moving vehicles around, and having your pet on a leash can keep you in control. 
  • Creating a space: By creating room in your truck for your pet, it gives your pet their freedom while you are driving down the road. You want to avoid having your pet roaming in the truck as this can be unsafe for you and others on the road. 
  • Plenty of fresh water, food, and treats: We all get hungry and thirsty! 
  • Toys: Make sure your pet has a few chew toys, ropes, or scratching posts to stay occupied during the day. 

As you can see, bringing your pet on your over the road journey has great benefits. It allows you to bring your loved ones with you and not worry about them at home. Are you and your pet ready to join the Savannah Transport family? Fill out an application today!